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One of the easiest ways to learn a subject is to play with that subject. Fiber Optic Quizzes are designed in such a way that you can play with the topics and modules freely at your own will, at your own free time as you like.

Fiber Optic Quiz does not ask you to follow a particular pattern or sequence. You are free to take any quiz and know your results instantly. You do not need to wait for a confirmation mail. Your score will be shown to you immediately after completion of quiz. If you are doubtful about a question, you can even mark it for review and answer later. There is no time limit. Do it by taking your own time. Nobody watches how you progress. We do not send your score to any third party. The leaderboard shown at the end of each quiz is just a comparison board to motivate for further future improvement.

We are not born masters, but we can. Yes, we can master a subject by practicing it. The secret of mastering a subject is in practicing. The more we practice, the more grip we get on the subject. Fiber optics is no exception.

Learning fiber optics is easy as we all are interested in fiber optics. Fiber optic quiz questions are selected to provide you an in-depth knowledge in fiber optics. Fiber optic quizzes focus on practical aspects more than theoretical aspects. It is particularly useful to people working in different sectors of fiber optic industry. Of course we have theoretical quizzes for those who are interested in academic fiber optics.

For students pursuing a career in fiber optics, taking these quizzes will be of great benefit. If you want to add any questions to the quiz, please let us know. Just comment below, or send a message, we will include it here. Have fun!

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CISCO Won Broadband Project from Andhra Pradesh

The southern state of Andhra Pradesh in India has awarded the high speed broadband project the scope of which includes the design and deployment of approximately 22,500 kilometers of fiber optic cable network across the state. The equipment maker Cisco Systems Inc. will design and implement a broadband project in Andhra Pradesh, the first state to implement such a project

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Wisper ISP Expands Operations in Missouri

NEOSHO Daily News reports the acquisition of Stouffer Communications by Wisper ISP. With this acquisition, Wisper ISP is able to expand its operations in Missouri. Wisper ISP is a Belleville, Ill.-based internet service provider. Stouffer began the company by offering Internet service in Granby and Diamond. John Stouffer of Neosho has decided to sell a business that he

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Telefonica to Share Submarine Fiber with Internexa

Latin America based Internexa had reached agreement with Telefonica to use later’s new submarine fiber optic cable that connects Brazil to the United States. The 11,000 kilometer long submarine fiber optic cable called BRUSA will be helpful to manage the traffic between latin countries and North America and is estimated to handle the growing high bandwidth transmission requirements.

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BREKO Carrier Members Forecasts 4.2 Million Fiber-Optic Broadband Subscribers by 2018

BREKO has published a report on the broadband status in Germany, which reveals the fact that majority of the fiber-optic deployments are done by its members. The Broadband Operators’ Association’s 5th edition of its Broadband Compass report focusses on fiber-optic network roll-outs. BREKO says that over 80 percent of fiber-optic (Fiber-to –the-building/business or Fiber-to-the-home) network roll-out in German is currently

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Enel Open Fiber to Share Networks with Vodafone and Wind

Italian Electricity company Enel is gearing towards an agreement with mobile operators Vodafone and Wind over its plans to help develop a national fiber-optic broadband network Enel was pushed by the government authorities to engage in the deployment high-speed broadband networks in Italy The utility company will use its existing infrastructures to deploy fiber optic cables that will

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